The Day I Started Crying *

15 06 2005

I heard a loud cry deep down inside
Begging to get out
Out of the darkness
Day after day,
it gets louder and louder
Until one day it stopped

…and that’s when I started crying!

Singapore, 8 Mei 2001
*Ceritanya lagi bongkar-bongkar arsip blog lama. Eh tiba-tiba… De Ja Vu..!
**Oya dari hasil bongkar-bongkar itu, baru nyadar bahwa si penyair kampungan ini nggak produktif amat. Masak cuma rata-rata satu puisi sebulan.. hehehe…


Bye Haloscan..

24 02 2005

Decided to quit Haloscan Commenting System and use blogger’s comsys instead. Why? Only two reason: (1) The past 2 weeks I kept experiencing various problems with Haloscan. (2) Blogger has -at last- updated their comsys system, allowing anyone to comment without registering.