Road Side Philosophy

21 03 2005

Phill: So Bill what are your views on the theoretical plausibility of fate or pre determinism vs the classic concept of free will or self control?

Bill : Well Phill, I don’t believe in fate because if fate was actual then why would it be possible to have this conversation about fate? Is it my fate not to believe in fate? Why would I be fated no to believe in fate?

Phill: Maybe you are fated not to believe in fate. And maybe at some point in your life your absence of belief in fate will somehow cause you to make a decission you otherwise would not have made.. just as fate had somehow planned it.

Puyeng ya..? Nggak mudeng? Nggak nyambung? Udah takdir? hehehe.. Gimana kalau lihatnya pake animasi yang keren punya.. Check it out here: “Road Side Philosophy




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30 01 2007
top 10 percent rule and high school

top 10 percent rule and high school

Didn’t notice it before . . . quite clever.

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