Bye Haloscan..

24 02 2005

Decided to quit Haloscan Commenting System and use blogger’s comsys instead. Why? Only two reason: (1) The past 2 weeks I kept experiencing various problems with Haloscan. (2) Blogger has -at last- updated their comsys system, allowing anyone to comment without registering.



3 responses

25 02 2005
Louie Qiang

Woah, actually I planned to use HaloScan because I think the service is so great. But after reading your comment about it, I’ve got to consider it more πŸ˜€

26 02 2005

akhirnya. hihihi..
welcome to the comsys without date. well, you know, i’m crazy about detail. πŸ˜€

1 03 2005

Hai… salam kenal. Tulisannya bagus-bagus. Makasih ya, ucapannya. thx

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